Sunday, March 20, 2011


So it's your 18th birthday. Celebrate, go out and party, hit up the clubs, Get some $1 bills, smoke a cigar, and be a classy gentlemen in all your new found man class.
The clock hits 12:00 a.m. You are now 18! You are now a legal adult. You now have more responsibilities and liabilities. Your eyes slowly drift from the hands of the clock to your own hands. They are shaking. Is this anticipation or power surging from your very depths, coming forth to shower you in pure awesomeness. The minute hand clicks. Your hands continue to shake, but no mind-blowing powers have erupted thus far from them.
Your eyes slightly grow with the slight fear that you have not been chosen. Is it possible. No, you push the fear aside. It's something else, it has to be. You thrust your hands forward in various shapes and forms to try to get some reaction; lasers, fire, ice, lightning, webs, anything. . . Nothing works. The festering fear begins to grow. It feeds off of your new failure. It is turning into a monster so large that it will crush your dreams. Fear will take over hope and turn into reason. This reason will alter the way you think and can actually stop your inner powers from escaping the jail that is your body. I've seen this happen, it's a sad fate.
12:30. Maybe it isn't a hand power. That's always a possibility. You open your door and feel the night sky against your cheek and step into the darkness. The moon's full. It's beautiful, the biggest it will be in twenty years. You feel the moon's power being absorbed into you, you bend down and jump into the air. For a second you're flying. For a second that hope shoots past the fear, for a second you're a hero. But then you feel the hard truth of the ground beneath your feet. Did you jump higher than normal? Your eyes were closed, you couldn't tell. You jump again to see. No, it was a normal jump. The fear slowly begins to creep back into the hope. Flying's out, but there are still other possibilities. Throughout the rest of the day, you try everything. You try super speed, super strength, teleporting, invisibility, mind reading, invulnerability, element control, bone claws, super luck, etc. . . Nothing has worked and the day is coming to a stand still. As you lay down in your bed exhausted and defeated, almost fully overpowered by the fear, the clock ticks 12:00 a.m. Your birthday is over. You weren't chosen. . .
WRONG! Do you know how many times this happens to people? To answer my own question, ALL THE TIME! You have nothing to worry about. If you know you were chosen, your probably chosen. If I had a nickel for how many times' 18th birthday's have come and pass and the appearance of normality resumes, I'd have a large stack of nickels.
Yes, it is true that the majority of chosens' do get their powers on their 18th birthday. The 18th birthday, the time when a boy becomes a man, and when a chosen becomes a hero. While it is the most common transformation, others exist. For instance a lot of chosens don't get their powers for several days following their birthdays. No one knows why, but it happens. This usually happens with time powers.
Still, there is a third occurrence. This occurrence is random. It could happen in a week, after your 18th birthday, or fifty years. I've seen both. This is the rarest occurrence, but it is also gives birth to the most powerful powers. In most cases it is birthed in times of heightened emotion. Usually fear or love. It usually happens when you find yourself in a situation which it seems only death can save you, but then. . .
I once knew a guy that was visiting the zoo with his girlfriend, when he fell over the railing into the gorillas exhibit. Next thing he knows, he's having a fist fight with a 550 lb. beast. So to all of you who have had your 18th come and go, don't worry. You know if your chosen. Don't let the fear overpower the hope. Stay strong and be brave. Your day will come.

Happy Birthday